She loves training people who serve our community and nation, how lifestyle changes are not a diet, people shorter than her, and how fitness can be fun!



Former Marine, Robert knows how to work hard and encourages others to follow! When he's not working out he can be found poolside... or his local fav hangout, Yogurtland.



He loves riding motorcycles and going to Angel games with his adorable daughter. Definitely not a fan of running, but has recently been forcing himself to run 2-3 times a week.



She is always up for a long run, and CrossFit has challenged her to become stronger every day! Casie can sometimes be competitive and has also been confused for a supermodel!


She loves hiking, spikeball, and being around people. You can catch her at every Clippers game or in the gym most mornings. She loves a good competition and is looking to get better and help others along the way!


Mama to 3 amazing daughters and 2 adorable Doodles. Jamie loves working out, the beach and being around fun, positive people. CrossFit has changed her life in so many positive ways and she’s so grateful to be apart of it and share her knowledge with others! 


  • Before coming to this gym I was a lazy overweight binge drinker , just getting by to make it to the weekend. I can honestly say crossfit Recoil has been a life changer for me. I told myself I would just try it for the week and almost 3 years later I am in the best shape of my life. I am physically, mentally and spiritually a better stronger person. With that being said crossfit recoil is unlike any other gym I ever been to. They have multiple certified perfesional trainers to help you safely, correctly and effectively perform every workout movement. All workouts are varied and fit for all levels of experience. Workouts consist of hit training, strength conditioning, Olympic lifts, gymnastics, mobility and more. If your just looking to loose a little extra pounds, or to stay healthy or even get shredded, then this is the place to be. Nikki is the owner of the gym and welcomes everyone with open arms. Everyone at the gym are very nice and we all uplift and push each other to accomplish and achieve our goals. So come on in and check it out and be part of our team/CrossFit family ?

    thumb Richie Villafana

    I've been going to CrossFit Recoil for about a year and a half now and have loved every minute of it. The coaching staff is awesome, great teachers, very patient with new folks, and always energetic. Every member is very welcoming and fun to work out with and the attitude in the gym is very positive, definitely not your typical CF gym. It's also a great family atmosphere! My kids and wife also attend and have also had an amazing experience. I highly recommend trying CrossFit Recoil out...you'll be glad you did.

    thumb Jason Prince

    I love everything about CrossFit Recoil! Nikki is the best! She is super energetic, kind and motivating. All of the coaches are amazing and each adds their own touch. They are all encouraging and push me just enough to improve my fitness. Everything is scalable which is good for me, but I am doing things that I honestly never thought possible. Another big thing I like about CrossFit Recoil is that all the members are so supportive. We are all there to improve our personal best and support each other in the process! I hope they around forever because I plan on staying for a really long time!

    thumb Jeanne Poetsch
  • Even though I am new to Crossfit, I know this is an amazing Crossfit facility. I have been working out here every day for the last few weeks, and now I am hooked! The main reason this Crossfit box is so great is the 100% positive atmosphere. The owner, Nikki, makes working out fun. She and her coaches are supportive to newbies like me, but they aren't soft on us. They encourage everyone and urge them to push harder than they thought they could. Crossfit Recoil has a wide range of people working out here, from hardcore Crossfitters to middle aged athletes like me, but everyone is awesome and so many of them have helped me when I am trying to learn a new skill. They are also family friendly as there are a number of teenagers who work out here as well. If you are looking for something new and exciting, come talk to Nikki at Crossfit Recoil!

    thumb Paul Deutsch

    What is there to say? When I first started Crossfit (in Massachusetts), I couldn't really establish myself with a gym, due to job changes; after moving back home to Cypress, I'm glad I found Crossfit Recoil. I felt very welcomed here, the staff are friendly and fun. Coach Nikki has a vested interest in my health. She keeps tab on each member about experiences with Crossfit, health ailments, injuries and so forth. The staff are very courteous and knowledgeable, they help Nikki run this gym smoothly. This Crossfit community is strong, there's no "click", everybody says hi to eachother, everybody smiles and laughs together. Everyone shares the same value/belief of staying healthy. I've been coming here since 2017 and I've enjoyed every visit.

    thumb Dominick Murphy

    Nikki Chris and Robert are motivating trainers who have pushed me through plateaus in my strength and metabolic conditioning. Being my first time experiencing crossfit I am really glad and humbled to be apart a community who perseveres and pushes one another to their limits and goals! Team recoil!

    thumb Roberto Plascencia

Wednesday 2-1-23

Happy February! Warm Up:800 Run/Row/Ski2 Rounds 20 Walking Lunges with twist10 Jumping Pull Ups 5 Strict Push UpsMobility:Crossed Prayer Kneeling Circles on Wall PigeonStrength:OH Squats 8-8-8-8-8Option…


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