Friday 5-26-23

Reminder Monday is Memorial Day! 8am & 8:30am Murph Times only. Then pool party at the Rice's! 

Warm Up:
Row 800m
2 Rounds 
10 Wall Balls
6 Inch Worm with Push Up 
10 Jumping Pull Ups 

Open gym!! 

Create your own workout or make up one you missed this week! 

Practice a lift or gymnastic skill

Try MURPH... ONLY IF YOU ARE OUT OF TOWN MONDAY! This is much for fun with all of us! 

Try this:
AMRAP in 18 Min of
5 Bear Complex (75/55#)
20 OH Barbell lunges (empty Barbell)
Row 400m
**Bear Complex: 1REP = 1 power clean-1 front squat- 1 push press- 1 back squat -1 push press off back