Monday 1-22-24

PLEASE be on time to class. Don't make your coach use the Burpee punishment :/
Vault #3 Today! 

Warm Up:
Run or Row 800m
15 Air Squats 
20 Sit Ups 
10 Burpees 

12 Banded Pass Thrus 
10 Banded Squat Wizard (new)
10 Pipe Squat Rotation 

Power Cleans 

Death By Thrusters 
Every minute for as long as possible 
(or until 18min)
Min 1: 1 Thruster 
Min 2: 2 Thrusters 
Min 3: 3 Thrusters 
...Add 1 Thruster each minute until you can't 
complete in the minute 
Your choice:
Barbell 95/65# 
Dumbbell 40/25#
**Score: Last completed round + and additional reps