CrossFit For You!

Together in a class we push each other to give it all you got!
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Bet you’ve seen the CrossFit Games on ESPN. Ever said to yourself, “no way, I can’t do that!” Don’t worry we have said the same thing! CrossFit training and workouts can be for everyone at every level, we promise. Our oldest member is 78 and our youngest 7. Each are on their own programs with their own goals. One wants to be able to get up off the floor if they fall, and the other is learning how their body moves and what they are capable of. Our workouts are 100% scalable and we start you off very slow and simple with just your body weight. No one will let you throw a heavy load over your head and try to squat it until you have been training and WE think you are ready.

Most of our members just want to stay fit and are tired of the 24 hour workout by themselves. Together in a class we push each other to give it all you got! Regardless of age or athletic ability we can all workout together just at different level. Some of us have completed and we love it, others will never step foot on a competition floor and we are OK with that too! Your body, your goal. Plain and simple. Don’t let the fear of injuries or building too much muscle hold you back from coming in to try a class. First class is free, come see what amazing things we can offer you and your life!


The best CrossFit in Los Alamitos! We are all about family and community!
Anyone can come workout here, old, young, strong, weak!! Just come get healthy!