For children 8 to 12, please contact gym for information.

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Ready to get your child into a healthy routine? CrossFit Kids is the best place to start. We can teach your child to move well in his or her body. Body weight movements and gymnastic skills will help their balance, mobility, power, speed, and agility! Not only do our kids love the classes, they are setting themselves up for a healthy and active life. All of our coaches have been trained to work with kids and have kids themselves.

We don’t use weights on our young kids, just their body is enough. Box jumps, lunges, burpees, push ups, and more are all things your kids will learn how to get better at. Learning how to move in their own skin will give them such confidence too! Body image is such a big deal with all the social medias. We are teaching our kids to be strong and healthy!

Childhood obesity is at an alarmingly high rate in the United States. In our kids classes we share good rules for snacks and nutrition. Teaching your child to eat better and limit sugars and snacks just might save their life one day. Everything in moderation but having cake 3 times a day is probably not something you want your child to be eating. A little movement and some good nutrition and your child will be living their life to their best potential. Mood behaviors, attention in school, attitude, and sleep are all effected by how much exercise a child gets and what they are eating! Let us help guide them for a bright future!

If you are looking for the most varied, different, and challenging CrossFit Irvine has ever seen that also offers CrossFit for kids, you should check out CrossFit Recoil. We have a dedicated program for children led by certified coaches who'll teach groups from 8 to 12 with just the weight of their bodies, showing them a healthy lifestyle from a very young age with basic nutrition tips to incorporate into their routine and fight against childhood obesity from a pacific and individual approach.

In the modern digital era, fostering healthy habits in children is crucial. At our kids CrossFit near me workouts, we offer engaging and interactive activities, making fitness enjoyable and inclusive for kids of all ages and abilities. Join us in nurturing your child's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let's inspire healthy habits together at CrossFit Recoil.

If you are looking for a CrossFit Orange County that offers classes for kids, CrossFit Recoil is your stop. CrossFit for kids has many benefits for their minds, such as improving their cognitive skills, developing social skills, fostering creativity, and promoting their mental health and well-being. Certified and experienced coaches who are knowledgeable about how to teach CrossFit movements safely and appropriately for each age group lead our kids program.


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