Thursday 12-21-23

Rainy Days are our Fav! 

Warm Up:
Row 500m
2 Rounds 
10 leg Swings Each leg 
6 Inch Worm with Push up 
8 DB Snatches (each side/light) 

2 Rounds 
DB Work 
Light to medium weight try to go unbroken 
12 Front Lat Raises
12 Side Raises 
12 Arnold Press 
12 Shoulder Press 

4 Rounds 
200m Sprint 
Rest 1 Minute between runs...
**after your last sprint you must rest 1 min 
Directly into...
3 Rounds 
40 Walking Lunges 
15 Toes to Bar 
15  Burpees

**if it is raining rowing sprints can be subbed