Thursday 12-8-22


Warm Up:
Run or Row 400m
EMOM for 5 min 
8 Air Squats 
10 DB power snatch 

Heavy Sled PULL!!! 200ft 
(reverse walk as heavy as you can)
10 Tire Flips 
20 Crab Toe Touch 
30 Twisting Mountain Climbers 

EMOM for 10 min 
1 Power Snatch (as heavy as possible)

Rest 2 Min 

EMOM for 10 Min 
1 Hang Squat Clean 

**this workout should be just a lift a min and super heavy. If thats not your style then do the lift, then do as many reps as possible in the remaining minute of :
EMOM 1 Burpees 
EMOM 2: SA Devil Press