Thursday 5-19-23

Murph is coming! Memorial Day 8am and 8:30 am start times! 

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
12 Cal Cardio (1 being the bike)
15 KB Swings 
10 Burpees 

2 Rounds 
15 DB Bench Press (go heavy but get all 15 in a row)
15 Seated Shoulder Press (off rig with BB)
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

4 Rounds 
In 3 Min:
Run 200m
remaining time complete as many:
weighted step ups (40/25#) db (24/20" box)

Rest 2 Min 
 4 Rounds 
In 3 Min 
12 Cal Ski or Bike (must do 2 of each)
remaining time:
Alt DB Snatch (45/30#)

**You will have 2 scores, total step ups and total DB snatches