21.2 is over… we just have 21.3 left!
Join us Saturday Morning for bagels, doughnuts, and whatever 21.3 brings us!
8-8:30 warm up time with workouts starting at 8:45-9ish… We will still have regular
classes 8 and 9a if you are
not registered for the Open.. But come eat and cheer people on anyway!

Warm Up:
Run 400m
EMOM for 5 Min
4 Lungsters
12 Sit Ups

Front Squats
OR if you didn’t do yesterdays complex due to 21.3
2 Deadlifts + 2 Power Cleans

For Time:
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters (45/35#)
30 Pull Ups

Rest 2 Min

2 Rounds “Nancy”
Run 400m
15 OH Squats (95/65#)