Tuesday 5-7-24

Well yesterday was fun! 😉

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
12 Cal Cardio
12 Kettlebell Swings (light)
12 Row on Barbell (on rig) 

**Max Push Ups in 1 Min 

Push Sled to end of building and back
Walking Lunges to end of building bear crawl back! 
30 GHD Sit Ups 

Death By Thrusters 
Min 1: 1 Thruster 
Min 2: 2 Thrusters
Min 3: 3 Thrusters 
and so on.. until failure 
Rest 2 Min 
800m Cool down cardio 
**Score is how many minutes you got thru! 
**You pick the weight! Must be (95/65) or more