Tuesday 5-23-23

Gymnastic Tuesday! How's your push up and pull up for Murph?

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
Run 200m
12 Slam Balls 
30 Russian Twist (15/10# DB)
30 Mountain Climbers 

Practice Push Ups form and Kipping Pull ups 
You are going to need both of them strong for Monday Murph! 
If you think you are such a pro, work on plyo push ups and chest to bar pull ups 
**Coaches show
     -proper ways to scale push ups
     -Kipping pull up with band and no band
7 Rounds 
Min 1: 3 Wall Walks 
Min 2: 3 Heavy Squat or Power Snatch (75# to 1 max)
Min 3: Rest