Tuesday 5-4-24

Last Day of School for some of our kiddos! 

Warm Up:
Run 400m
EMOM for 5 min 
8 DB Snatch 
6 Single arm Thrusters (light)

Let's try some "Drop Sets"
2 Rounds with rest in between body parts

Max Reps Empty Barbell Curls (you pick the bar)
Immediately into 
Max reps (until failure) DB Bicep Curls (LIGHT WEIGHT 25/20# suggestion)

Max reps push press until failure (95/65#)
Immediately into
Max Reps shoulder press until failure (45/35#)

Vault # 22 Leg Day 🙂 
For Time:
100 Air Squats 
45 DB Deadlifts (40/25#)
60 Farmer Carry Step Up (24/20") (40/25#)
45 DB Deadlifts 
100 Air Squats 

Time Goal 13-19 min 
*Extra Challenge (50/35#)