Tuesday 6-27-23

Next Monday July 3rd 8am and 4pm class only! 
4th of July 8:30am only

Warm Up:
Ski or Bike 25 Cal 
2 Rounds 
12 DB Shoulder Press (light)
12 Jump Squats 
6 Inch Worm with push up 

Overhead Squats 
not your fav movement.... 
Go lighter and do

5 rounds of 
AMRAP in 3 Min 
12 Double Unders 
6 Deadlifts (DB 45/30#)
6 Front Rack Lunges (3 each leg DB 45/30#)

REST 1 min between AMRAP's 
**try to use the same DB's for deadlifts and lunges so you can go right into the lunges