Tuesday 8-9-22

Signed up for the USA Weightlifting Seminar Yet!? Only a few spots left! Aug 20 & 27th

Warm Up:
Run 400m
2 Rounds 
6 Inch Worm with Push Ups 
10 Jumping Pull ups 
12 Slam Balls 

2 Rounds 
Sled Push To EOB and Back 
6 Knee to Elbow-toes to bar-pull up 
2 Wall Walks 

As far as you can go in 14 Min 
5 Toes to Bar 
2 DB Snatch (1 each arm) alt (45/30#)
5 Toes to bar 
4 DB Snatch 
5 Toes to Bar 
6 DB Snatch 
keep climbing, score is highest snatches