Happy St. Patricks Day!
21.2 is announced tomorrow!! Here we go again!
Squat Mobility Workshop is this Saturday 10:15 at Recoil!
Join Dr. Hayden (physical therapist and crossfitter) for some stretches and tips
for good squat form! Grab some coffee and join us, it’s free!

Warm Up:
Run 1 Mile (how’s miles for March going)
2 Rounds
30 Walking Lunges
15 Knee To Elbow
30 Russian Twist

Skill/Strength Day:
3 Rounds
20 Banded T-Spine Rotation (10 each side) (Table top position)

20 Push Up Position Pull Unders (10 each side)

20 Split Leg Lunge (off box hold heavy DB’s)

15 Lungsters (with Barbell)

AMRAP in 7 min of:
1 Pull Ups
1 Toes To Bar
2 Pull Ups
2 Toes To Bar
3 Pull Ups
3 Toes to Bar… 4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7…
How far can you get?