A CrossFit warm up typically consists of a mix of cardio and mobility exercises, such as running, jumping, stretching, and squatting. The purpose of the warm-up is to increase the blood flow, activate the muscles and joints, prevent injuries, and improve performance. A CrossFit warm up usually lasts about 15 minutes and is followed by the workout of the day, or WOD, which is different every time. A CrossFit warm up is a challenge for the body and mind, but also a fun and rewarding experience.

Friday 8-6-21

Freestyle Friday! Warm Up:Row 1000m2 Rounds20 Walking Lunges 15 KB Swings WOD:Create your own masterpiece or make up a workout you missed this week! Practice a lift or skill! Have fun! 

Thursday 8-5-21

Summer is here! Warm Up:Row 600mBike 20 Cal 15 Burpees 10 Knee To Elbow Skill:2 Rounds 10 Handstand Push Ups 20 Single Arm Overhead Squat (db)Sled Push To End Of Building WOD:For TIme:Run 800m600 Sit Ups 8 Rope…

Wednesday 8-4-21

Strength Day! Warm Up:Run 800m2 Rounds 15 Slam Balls 20 Sit Ups 15 Push Press (bar)Strength:Power Cleans 8-5-5-3-3-1-1Front Squat 8-5-5-3-3-1-1

Tuesday 8-03-21

 Warm Up:2 RoundsRun 200m15 Kettlebell Swings 10 Jumping Pull Ups Skill:30 Barbell Weighted Reverse Lunges 24 Single Arm Shoulder Press (on knee with db)WOD:AMRAP in 18 Min8 Man Makers (40/25#)15 Pull Ups 30 Double…

Monday 8-2-21

August Has Arrived!! Hope you all got a chance to watch the CrossFit  Games over the weekend!! So fun! We are trying one of the workouts today, maybe a touch lighter…


Freestyle Friday! Warm Up:Run 800m12 Slam Balls 12 Burpees Jump Pull Ups WOD:Create your own workout or make up one you missed this week! Practice a lift or skill!  

Thursday 7-29-21

Got to Love a good Birthday workout!! Warm Up:30 Calories CardioEMOM for 5 min 10 Wall Balls 5 Push Ups Skill:2 Rounds Timed 400m Run rest 2 Min WOD:Happy Birthday Kim! AMRAP in 17 Min of:29 Deadlifts (115/75#)29…


Strength DayWarm Up:Run 800m2 Rounds 10 OH Squats Pvc10 Snatch Balance10 BupreesStrength:Overhead Squats 10-8-5-3-3-1-1Hang Squat Snatch 8-5-3-3-1-1

Tuesday 7-27-21

Tuesday! Warm Up:2 Rounds Run 200m15 KB Swings (light)6 Inch Worm with Push Up15 Air Squats Skill3 Rounds 15 Supine Row (barbell on rig)20 Goblett Squats (slow down and 2 second pause at bottom)15…

Monday 7-26-21

Barbell Monday!Warm Up:Run 1 Mile2 Rounds 10 Deadlifts (45/35#)10 Power Cleans (45/35#)10 Burpees WOD:”Andi”For Time: (30 min cap)100 Hang Power Snatch 100 Push Press100 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 100 Front Squats ** All with (65/45#)…

Friday 7-23-21

Freestyle Friday! Warm Up:Run or Row 800m50 Double Unders Bear Crawl to EOB Jog BackWOD:Happy Birthday Meghan! Meghan’s Workout:For Time:Run 1 Mile 400m Walking Lunges Run 800**ooohhh booty! or…Create your own masterpiece Work on a strength or…

Thursday 7-22-21

Getting hot outside… make sure to keep up on the water intake! Warm Up:30 Calories Cardio 2 Rounds 12 Squat Jumps 20 GHD Sit Ups 10 Push Ups Skill:2 Rounds Max Calories in 1 Min on a…

Wednesday 7-21-21

Strength Day! Warm Up:Run 800m2 Rounds 20 Back Ext10 Single Arm Devil Press (light)Strength:Hang Power Snatch 8-5-3-3-1-1-1 Hang Squat Clean 5-3-3-3-1-1-1 

Tuesday 7-20-21

Totally Tuesday! Warm Up:Run 400m2 Rounds15 KB Swings 15 Slam Balls Skill:2 Rounds6 Strict Pull Ups 40 Split Leg Lunge off Box (hold db’s)3 Wall Walks WOD:4 Rounds for time of:30 Wall Balls 15 Deadlifts (225/185#)10…

Monday 7-19-21

Happy Birthday Coach Chris! Warm Up:Run 800m2 Rounds 15 Air Squats 15 Sit Ups 10 Burpees WOD:7 Rounds for time of:19 Cal Cardio Machine 22 Double Unders 22 Push Ups 22 Shoulder Press (75/55#)22 Sit Ups *** Good Luck! 

Friday 7-16-21

Weekend is Here! Warm Up:Run 1 Mile 10 Air Squats 10 Burpees WOD:Freestyle Fridays! It’s your chance to make up a workout you missed this week or create your own! Even better time would be to…

Thursday 7-15-21

Rope Climbs Today! Warm Up:Run 400mEMOM for 5 Min 8 Reverse Lunges 10 OH Plate Sit Ups (15/10# plates)Skill:15 Min of Mobility … Nikki will guide some stretches! or 15 Min to practice rope climbs/muscle…

Wednesday 7-14-21

Strength Day! Warm Up:Run 800m2 Rounds 5 Pull Ups 8 Good Mornings 15 Pistols Strength:Back Squats 10-8-5-3-3-1-1-1 (heavy 1 rm)Push Press  10-8-5-3-3-1-1-1 (heavy 1 rm)

Tuesday 7-13-21

Totally TuesdayWarm Up:Cardio 30 Cal 2 Rounds 8 Inch Worm With Push Ups20 GHD Sit Ups 15 Slam Balls Skill:3 Rounds 15 DB Bench Press 15 DB Front Raises (light)Max Supine Rows (Bar)WOD:For Time:45 KB Swings…


The Best workouts happen on Monday’s! Warm Up:Run 800m12 Air Squats 20 Sit Ups 10 Burpees Strength:Squat Cleans 8-5-3-3-1-1WOD:12-9-6 Reps of:Squat Clean Thrusters (135/95#)Burpee Box Jumps Rest 2 Min 12-9-6 reps of:Squat Clean Thrusters (115/75#)Burpee Box Jumps 

Friday 7-9-10

Finally Friday! Warm Up:Run 1 Mile 2 Rounds 10 Burpee Jumping Pull Ups 20 GHD Sit Ups WOD:OPEN GYM! Create your own workout or make up one you missed this week! Practice a lift or skill! Have fun! 

Thursday 7-8-21

 Warm Up:Run 400mEMOM for 5 Min 8 Slam Balls 5 Burpees Strength:Shoulder Press 8-5-5-5-5WOD:7 Rounds for Time of:35 Double Unders 7 Devil Press (40/25#)

Wednesday 7-7-21

Hump Day! Warm Up:4 Rounds 400m Run/Bike/Ski/Row 10 Strict Push Ups 15 Sit ups 20 Walking Lunges Skill:Upper Body5 Sets Of each 10 Overhead Tricep Ext 10 Dips 10 Strict Pull Ups Then…1 Round of each:EOB and Back Walking Lunges Plate…


Let’s Do This! Warm Up:2 Rounds Run 200m20 Double Unders20 Back Ext 20 Walking Lunges Strength:Back Squats 5-5-3-3-3-3Get Heavy! WOD:5 Rounds for time of:11 DB Thrusters (50/35#)15 Knee To Elbow 20 Cal Cardio 

Monday 7-5-21

Hope everyone had a great 4th! 7, 8am & 4, 5pm classes only today! Warm Up:Run 800m2 Rounds 15 Air Squats 15 KB Swings 15 Burpees WOD:Hero WOD “Hot Shots!”6 Rounds for time or 40…

A CrossFit daily workout or Workout of the Day, is the main part of the program, and it changes daily. The WOD can be a set of exercises to complete as fast as possible, several rounds to do in a given time, or a combination of both. The WOD can also be scaled or modified to suit different levels of fitness and abilities. The WOD is designed to test and improve your strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, and coordination.

Cardio WOD

You can do a cardio WOD at any time, anywhere, and with any equipment or none at all. You can also customize it to suit your needs and preferences, by choosing the exercises, the duration, the intensity, and the format that works best for you. Remember to warm up properly before doing these series of exercises, and to cool down and stretch afterwards. Also, listen to your body and adjust the intensity and the volume according to your fitness level and your recovery. And most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun!

By following our daily CrossFit routines on our website, you save time and effort, so you can focus on challenging yourself and achieving your fitness goals. The CrossFit WOD of the day is a fun and exciting way to try different exercises and see how you perform and improve each day. No matter your level, you can scale the WOD of the day to suit your abilities and goals. Push yourself out of your comfort zone by doing workouts that are constantly changing and targeting different muscles and techniques, with Crossfit recoil.

A CrossFit warmup precedes the crossfit WOD of the day. It typically consists of three parts: a general warmup, a specific warmup, and a skill warmup. The general warmup is meant to raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping. The specific warmup targets the muscles and joints that will be used in the workout. The skill warmup is meant to practice and refine the technique and coordination of the movements that will be performed in the workout.

If you are hesitant to join CrossFit because you think you are not fit enough, I have some news for you: CrossFit humbles everyone every day. This is a well-known truth among CrossFiters. Ask the fittest person at our gym about their first workout. You'll hear stories about quitting, almost throwing up, and being shocked at the beginning. Don't let your fear stop you from joining our daily CrossFit routines, and start this empowering together at CrossFit Recoil.